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Barn conversion designs and plans

There are many 'Out' buildings including redundant agricultural barns that make the perfect location and have a suitable internal envelope to form an office accommodation or to create the home of your dreams.

The most commonly known out building conversion is the barn conversion or if you're fortunate enough to come accross a disused chapel you have generally a substatial shell to start with. Many of these redundant buildings have an enormous amount of character worthy of preserving and incorporating into the final design. Many are however associated with listed buildings and so the design plan being put forward for approval must take into consideration the historical significance of the building, preserving and incorporating as features, as much as possible of the parts of the structure which make it unique or special.

Some of the design consideration required to make a successful change of use conversion includes the design of the windows and doors, the internal layout, access to and within the building and the thermal upgrade of the building fabric to ensure the new use is as energy efficient as possible.

For us to design a conversion for you we would need to visit the site and carry out a measured survey of as much of the building as practical. This is generally backed up by a topographic survey and a survey of the building envelope from a dedicated survey company. This is important to ensure that the building shape, its position on the site and any site features are able to be fully analyzed and considered in the design process.

At the end of the design process we can aid you with the selection of a suitable builder for your conversion project.

Other types of conversions include Garage conversions and Loft Conversions.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide. See example barn conversion plans.


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Barn conversion designs

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