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Interactive3D walk through Industrial-estate Interactive3d walk through house extension-MKV Interactive3D walk through House renovation Northants Interactive3D walk through New Self build Country Home Realtime3D walk through Mitlon Keynes Eco Home
Interactive3D walk through 2 bedroom annex

INTERACTIVE 3D WALKTHROUGH in REAL TIME - Unity3D plugin required for web browser versions

Imagine walking through your virtual building project, seeing its features and colours, experiencing the space and layout in real time before it has even left the design stage and well before there is any start on site.

Models can be viewed as standalone BIMx interactive 3D presentations which is a basic service we now provide as standard for most projects, or for a more customised environment we can produce fully interactive Mac, Windows and web applications.

Using your PC or MAC with your favorite web browser or stand alone application you can now explore the interactive 3D environment at your leisure and look where you want to see within the design at your own pace. The BIMx technology enables viewing from your iPAD/iPhone or Android device.

Our Realtime 3D service offers this, you can walk through your design at your own pace using your computers mouse and keyboard to look and explore. There can be as many people as you wish viewing the file in different locations. All they need is a reasonable PC or MAC and a broadband connection.

The whole design team from Architect to all the design consultants can view the model. The result is a far better collaboration and an understanding of the design intent resulting in a more efficient process.

Of course this technology isn't limited to just the internet. Self contained files for your favorite Windows XP+ or MacOS 10.4+ platforms can be created and sent to sales offices or clients anywhere where internet downloads are not convenient.

Real time 3D differs from static and fly througth renderings in that it is generated on the fly by your computers graphics card. Static and fly through movies are pre rendered and are on a fixed path. With the amazing improvements in graphics processor technologies, real time 3D is now very close in quality when compared to static path rendered movies.

Example Realtime 3D scenes (Files sizes shown below are approximate.)

ECO Home - Milton Keynes energy world estate (4mb download)

Luxury country Home - Buckinghamshire (7mb download)

Four bedroom house design - Northamptonshire (4mb download)

Home extension & conversion - Milton Keynes Village (4mb download)

Home extension & Renovation - Northampton (5mb download)

2 Bedroom self contained annex - Hanslope (3mb download)

Single storey rear extension - Suffolk (2mb download)

Industrial estate - Virtual (12mb download)


(Note to view the web viewers for the first time you will need to install the Unity3D web player plugin, To view the BIMx presentations on your PC or Mac you need to download and install the BIMx, BIMx is also available for IOS and Andriod)

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