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Sun shadow studies

Every design should consider the effects of shadows on the proposed building or extension and the effects on the nearby structures and homes. As part of the design process we determine the position of the building and check the designs at various times of the year and day to ensure that we have considered as best as practical the effects of the sun on the proposed development.

The process will not only determine shadow fall over windows with the aim to reduce solar over heating and the impact on surrounding properties, but also to determine at design stage the amount of sun likely to fall on solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water panels. A large consideration with todays eco conscientious design.


Examples shown in this video include:

  • A two storey side house extension design forming a two bedroom self contained annex with a single storey rear extension enlarging the kitchen and living spaces.
  • A new build plan for a eco-designed farm house set in open countryside, designed with recycled concrete for thermal mass surrounding a steel main structure and a highly insulated timber framed infill structure. This project was calculated to reach Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 by also incorporating other highly efficient design features such as a wind turbine and a ground source heat pump.
  • A commercial / Industrial unit design concept.


Sun shadows studies are also used when required to demonstrate to local authorities the effects that a new building, extension, modification or full refurbishment will have on its surroundings. As static views shadow study frames are laid out on a page and included within the planning application. For a for a more detailed view of the effects of shadow over the course of a day are generated as a movie file like the example shown and can be posted on the web or saved as a movie file for use as a stand alone presentation.

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